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Film Review: Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris Movie Poster
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Whether you are a world traveler or prefer a staycation, seeing this film will make you feel like you've taken a fabulous trip in the City of Light. A play upon the CinderFella theme magically blends the concepts of art imitating life with life imitating art in a journey within a journey. Is it fantasy or reality?

In this film, like so many other Woody Allen projects, nothing is as it seems. Love, dreams, life, and literature, break the barriers of time and logic. Truth and clarity arrive in ways Owen Wilson's character, Gil, never expects as history plays a part in every moment.

In a pivotal scene, Ernest Hemingway shares, "No subject is terrible if the story is true and the prose is clean and honest;" setting the tone for our imagination to venture alongside Gil on his quest. And what a good time it turns out to be! {NOTE: Hemingway is played by the talented Corey Stoll - who puts his stamp on the roll in a way that will change how we think of the iconic author forever.}

We covered everything in this movie... from the location shots, historical figures, subtext, to the wardrobe and more before this movie gets to DVD or OnDemand. We just couldn't wait AND neither should you! If you haven't seen it, treat yourself to this movie treat! Offrez-vous ce délice de cinéma!!



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