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Gone Girl: The Novel book coverIf you haven't yet had the chance to pick up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, now is the time to find yourself a copy. Besides being a great summer beach read, the film adaptation is decent BUT you'll want to read it prior to seeing the movie. If you are an avid reader, you might agree that most books don't translate well over to film because so much of the character development and plot nuance is lost.

In order to avoid revealing the intense story, I am being purposely vague regarding the content. Instead, I will share my experience and impressions of this best seller as each of the three sections unfolded. 

Part One: All I kept thinking was that I was reading a thinly veiled version of the true Scott and Laci Peterson murder case. In fact, at the end of the first section, I abandoned the book. It was curiosity about it's popularity that made me pick it up again. 

Part Two: As the story unfolded, immediately I was glad I gave this book a second chance. Gillian Flynn hooks the reader with a plot twist few will see coming. From that point on, it's hard to put it down. That's all I'll say on this part, other than, "Keep reading!".

Part Three: The dissection and exploration of relationships, love, marraige, friendship, and selfishness, as well as selfelessness, through events and subtext that the author explores gets very deep. She writes it in a way that is both subtle and profoundly authentic (if you are or have ever been married, you are sure to see yourself and your relationship reflected in bits and pieces of the text and dialogue). It is this part of the book where I am skeptical of it every translating authentically to film; plus, I was surprised by the casting of Rosamund Pike in the role of the main character (I had Michelle Williams in mind). 

So if you missed this best seller, get going on "Gone Girl" this summer, and don't talk to anyone about it until you've read it! Enjoy.

BONUS: If you like Gillian Flynn's writing, and perhaps, like millions of others have already devoured "Gone Girl," check out her first novel, Sharp Objects. It is also a good read, but be warned, the subject matter can be a bit disturbing. 



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