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Welcome To Chick Flick Chat

Pocket watch book and bottleHello listeners, movie lovers, and television junkies! Welcome to the new Chick Flick Chat site. I am excited to begin anew from this hub to bring you detailed discussions about films, TV series, books, pop culture and more. It was time for a fresh start, and I am excited to chat with you again.

Below this post, you will see a line up of previously recorded content. I am including a select list at this site so you can find other topics I've covered over the years. While this site is a new place to call home, I've been podcasting and writing for over a decade.

I hope you will join me in my future chats. Please subscribe for free updates, or at one of our podcast locations to listen to new content when it's published.

Thank you for stopping by and you'll be hearing a lot more from me soon! ~ Luci


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Read our reviews and find out! ~ Thank you, Luci


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